Book Review: One with the Herd: A Spiritual Journey by Liz Mitten Ryan

Reviewed by Carol M. Upton –

“We are all on a journey to discover our dreams, or life’s dream for us. The only way we can know if the fit is right is to try it on. How does it feel?”

The opening pages of Liz Mitten Ryan’s One with the Herd: A Spiritual Journey lead us along an ancestral trail we may not yet recognize. Reading on, we are gently shown how to quiet our busy minds, surrender to silence and listen for offerings of wisdom from the herd.

Mitten Ryan decided ten years ago to leave the city and build her dream on a remote 320-acre ranch in the high country of Kamloops, British Columbia. Thus began her own leap of faith. At Gateway 2, her horses roam freely, enjoying the life of a wild herd, returning to their human support when they please. This has created a rare opportunity for Mitten Ryan to form unique relationships with the horses based on love, trust and respect. She recognizes them as spiritual equals, which challenges many of our culture’s current beliefs about animals. In return, the horses invite us into their world. They are gentle, playful and extraordinarily responsive. They follow humans willingly about the paddock and require no tack when ridden.

In One with the Herd, Mitten Ryan shares the truths she learned from communing with these insightful creatures. This unusual work has broad implications for the world at large. We discover there is a way to live in harmony with all sentient creatures. As we follow our heart’s desire, we find we don’t need power over any one.

“Animals can teach us the path to spirit because they live there, and if we allow them to contribute to the conversation, they will invite us to experience the ultimate communion in being one with the herd.”

The text of One with the Herd is enriched by Mitten Ryan’s original artwork, poetry, photographs and journal entries. This touching book will advance your understanding of the equine world and kindle your own unforgettable journey. It is capturing hearts all across North America and has won five major book awards. Enjoy it soon and share it with someone you love.

Liz Mitten Ryan is a world-renowned Canadian Artist and an Equine Communicator. One with the Herd is the first in a series of four books she has written. Funds raised from book sales benefit equine welfare groups across the country including Thoroughbred Charities of America, Island Equine Rescue, Return to Freedom, Bar NK, and Equine Voices Rescue. Visit Liz and the herd, view our dvds and read excerpts at: